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Hello there! I'm Lindsay. I work in nonprofit development and digital engagement, and I occasionally teach. Since 2012 I've been working from home, and since early 2019, I've been working from home with a baby (without full-time childcare). Working from home is my solution to trying to find that mythical "work-life balance." Double Fourteen is a place to talk about and advocate for working from home.

Working from home isn't right for everyone - but it's right for me! I believe that for many individuals, especially parents and most especially moms (but also, differently abled people and others), working from home offers an opportunity to pursue both professional and personal goals in ways that other work arrangements don't. Double Fourteen advocates for employers to put their money where their mouth is by adopting feminist, environmentally friendly policies built on workplace flexibility.

Double Fourteen is also a resource for people who work from home or aspire to work from home. If you have tips or ideas you'd like to contribute, let me know.

If working from home isn't for you, no worries. I'm not interested in convincing you to work from home.

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