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Work from Home Resources for Employees and Employers

Today I want to provide a list of advocacy and educational resources designed for individuals seeking remote or flexible work, employees considering implementing remote work policies, and for activists who are calling for expanded remote work and family leave for workers in America.

I’ll be adding to this page regularly, and when I get a chance I’ll create a resources landing page.

Last week I also talked about how I am going to make sure that this blog addresses the need to expand remote and flexible work options to BIPOC and low-income individuals. In the list below, I’ll point out resources that are especially attuned to this need.

Also, here I’m listing only free or very low-cost resources. There are lot of other companies and initiatives that have paid resources. Maybe I’ll list those in a different post?

Creating a Remote Work Policy for Your Place of Work?

Check out, one of the best online resources for companies considering going all or partially remote. Best blog posts if you’re looking to write a work-from-home policy for your place of work:

  1. Work-from-home companies describe their communications protocol for remote work

  2. How do remote companies measure productivity?

  3. Work-from-home companies discuss the biggest benefits of going remote

Firstbase provides work-from-home tools and equipment – a “physical operating system” – for remote companies. Their blog has a lot of useful information for employees and employers who work from home and manage WFH teams. I like their blog because it focuses on the benefits of working from home for improving quality of life, first and foremost. Top posts:

  1. How remote work will save the world

  2. Remote work let me see my kid’s first steps

Boundless is a platform I know little about, but their blog is worth a look if you need to understand some of the legal questions surrounding remote work. Take a look at these posts:

  1. The art of remote team alignment

  2. Succeeding as a remote company: lessons from Shopify

And here are some great articles to read if you’re managing remote workers:

  1. Gallup, “Managing Remote Employees

  2. Harvard Business Review, “A Guide to Managing Your Newly Remote Workers

  3. Forbes, “Top 15 Tips to Effectively Manage Remote Employees

Want to start advocating for flexible work polices and paid leave?

A Better Balance is a great place to get involved. A Better Balance advocates for paid leave and paid sick leave for all Americans, workplace protections for breastfeeding and pregnant women, and flexible work policies. A Better Balance is especially attuned to the way that blue collar workers and women of color face greater challenges in gaining access to paid leave and workplace protections for mothers. Their Southern Office is on the frontlines of calling for ending workplace discrimination against people of color and low-income families in the US.

It is not an organization that calls for remote work per se, but Moms Rising (and their Spanish-language group Mamás con Poder) advocates for just workplace policies like paid leave, ending discrimination against pregnant and breastfeeding women, and affordable / high-quality childcare. This is another good resource for issues that affect women of color in particular. Check out their workplace justice page English and their Spanish-language flexible work page.

1 Million for Work Flexibility is another brainchild of founder Sara Sutton. 1 Million is a coalition dedicated to advancing and expanding work from home

Looking for a flexible job?

Here’s the thing. Nothing can replace good old networking when it comes to finding a job. But there are online resources for remote jobs searches as well. Here are a few.

Flexjobs, yet another awesome initiative by Sara Sutton, lists vetted, 100% legit flexible jobs. Sign up to search and apply for a small annual fee.

We Work Remotely, a good source if you’re searching for “digital nomad”-style jobs. They lean tech and white-collar in their listings.

If you want to work a remote tech job, join The Memo newsletter.

Work from Home Communities Online

If you’re looking to make work from home friends, check out Remote Clan. They’re a friendly crew! (And keep your eyes peeled – I’ll contribute some articles soon!)

Is this a gratuitous WFH picture of a cute dog? Maybe. But dog cuddles are just another reason to work from home.

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